Keeping the Electric Bill Down with Soaring Temps by West Palm Beach Electrician

This is the time of year when your electric bill tends to spike with the continual use of your air conditioner. It is often an uphill battle when the humidity is high and the air is warm. Your only way to get comfortable is within your home where the AC is working its best to keep the house cool. However, you may be hesitant to run the AC around the clock, because you know it is going to cost you a small fortune. It’s not a position anybody wants to be in. Your West Palm Beach electrician has a few tips to help you stay cool without breaking the bank. The team at Elcon Electric can help you with many of these solutions.

1. Keep the curtains closed during the day. Yes, this can make you feel as if you are in a cave, but the darkened rooms will stay much cooler. If you really aren’t a fan of the closed curtain look, you can look into getting your larger, south-facing windows tinted.
2. Have a ceiling fan running in all of your rooms. If you only have one fan in the house, consider having more installed by an electrician. West Palm Beach residents will love the feel of a cool breeze in each room. The fans constantly circulate the air, which helps you feel cooler and reduces the demand on the air conditioner.
3. Set your thermostat a few degrees higher when you are away from the house all day. Don’t shut the AC off or set it at 85 or higher. This will only make the unit work harder when you get home and want to cool the house down.
4. Keep the lights off as much as possible. Consider switching to LED lights that use less electricity and are actually much cooler in general explains an electrician in West Palm Beach. If your existing light fixture is not able to use the LED bulbs, consider having it replaced.

You don’t have to suffer this summer. These four things can go a long way to keeping your house cool and saving you some money on your electric bill. Give Elcon Electric today to schedule your ceiling fan or new light fixture installation.