How Long Does A Panel Upgrade Take?

panel upgrade An electrical panel can be described as the major source of power in the home. It connects the electrical wiring from within and outside the home and ultimately provides electricity to the home or building. An electrical panel is also called a fuse box, breaker box, distribution panel, and so on.

Almost every homeowner is familiar with the location of the breaker box. It is usually found in the garage, outside the home, or a utility room. The breaker box is where you go to turn off power to home when the lights are tripping or you are experiencing an unusual fault. Aside from the off and on switch in the breaker, a look within the box can leave you confused.

A panel upgrade becomes necessary when you observe some electrical problems or if the fuse box is old. Here are some signs to know when you need a panel upgrade.

How to know if you need an electrical panel upgrade

  • Tripping Electrical Panel
    Tripping can be observed when you plug in power demanding or more appliances than the system can take. The tripping of the breaker is usually a sign of a faulty or overwhelmed electrical system. However, it can sometimes be nothing more than the safety mechanism of the breaker kicking in to avoid damage. To be certain that the tripping of the breaker is a sign of a needed panel upgrade, contact a professional electrician at Captain Electric, LLC for inspection.
  • Warm outlets or panel
    When electrical insulation in the panel or outlets is overwhelmed they can feel warm to touch. The unsafe and further damage could lead to a fire or electrical hazards. Hire an electrical technician for a panel upgrade or repair and replacements.
  • Burning smell
    A smell of burning plastic or electrical wires is unmistakable and it requires the immediate attention of an electrician. It puts the home at risk of a fire or damage to appliances.
  • Adding new equipment to your home or building
    The electrical panel of every building or home is built to accommodate a certain amount of power or amps. If you want to add new equipment to the home, then it may be time for a panel upgrade. The upgrade modifies the panel to carry more amps and accommodate the new addition.

A panel upgrade can only be safely done by a licensed and experienced electrician. It takes less than 24 hours to complete and under 8 hours if there is more than one electrical technician working on the upgrade. Also, if there are faults with the electrical system or replacements required, it will be reflected in the time taken to work on the panel upgrade.

You can start by calling a professional electrician for an inspection of the electrical panel. If the need for an upgrade is determined, then the electrical technician will provide the service.

At Elcon Electric we are efficient to complete a panel upgrade in little time. As experienced electricians, we offer quality service to guarantee a reliable and safe electrical system.