Holiday Lighting Safety with Miami Electrician



Before you start stringing lights inside and outside of your house, you need to familiarize yourself with some safety precautions. Holiday lighting is fun. It is exciting and is a source of great entertainment for your family as well as the neighbors. You don’t want to put a damper on that fun by doing something that isn’t safe and could cause a fire or electrical shock. Your Miami electrician has some key tips you should follow before you start decorating this season. The team at Elcon Electric can provide you with further information.

1-Do what you can to switch your old light strands to the energy efficient LEDs. Many stores offer a buy back or credit program. You take in your old, working lights and you get a couple dollars off a new strand of LEDs.

2-Do not attach more than three strands of lights together on a single outlet. This could overload the circuit and trip the breaker or create a fire hazard explains an electrician in Miami.

3-Avoid placing any decorations or lights outside if they are not designed to withstand the weather.

4-Do not put lights or any decorations that are lighted next to dry material. The heat is enough to start a fire. Use tape or hangers to hang lights around curtains if needed.

5-Do not use indoor extension cords outside. Along with that, do not connect more than one extension cord together. If you are short on outdoor outlets, call an electrician. Miami homeowners can have additional outlets installed around their property to make plugging in lights and yard décor a breeze.

Holiday decorating is something many people take great pride in. Don’t let your fun turn dangerous by ignoring basic electrical safety standards. Give Elcon Electric a call today if you need those outdoor outlets or have any other questions.