Extension Cord Safety by Fort Lauderdale Electrician

Elcon Electrician Fort LauderdaleWith the holiday season upon us, you are probably going to be hanging lights, putting up lighted yard décor and even pulling out the space heaters. You may not have enough available outlets and need to pull out your extension cords. Before you do, an electrician in Fort Lauderdale has some tips to ensure you understand how to use the cords safely. The team at Elcon Electric can answer any additional questions you may have about your extension cord usage.

1-Never use an extension cord that doesn’t have the wattage needed to run something big. Yes, it may work for a time, but it will likely overheat and could cause a fire. You can check the tags on the cord to learn what the wattage rating is.

2-Do not try and run a large device with a small cord. You risk damaging that giant snowman by attempting to do this.

3-Only use extension cords that have the UL symbol stamped on it or the tag.

4-Your Fort Lauderdale electrician advises you to avoid using any extension cord that has damage to the cord that leaves the insulation or wires exposed.

5-Store all cords inside when not in use. The cold, heat and weather can deteriorate the protective coating. When you are done with your cord, roll it up and put it away for safe keeping.

6-Never attempt to alter an extension cord. If you need a longer cord, but one and don’t try to make your own. If you need an outlet in a far corner of your landscaping, have one installed by an electrician. Fort Lauderdale homeowners can use the outlet year round and will appreciate the flexibility an additional outlet adds.

Your safety is important as is the safety of your home. Using extension cords is relatively safe when you know the rules. Give Elcon Electric a call today if you need additional outlets or have questions about extension cord safety.