Get Ready for Hurricane Season with Electrician in Fort Lauderdale

Hurricane season is just around the corner and you will likely be eager to get your home ready for the upcoming season. Although you cannot stop the weather, you can certainly be prepared to deal with the aftermath of a storm even if you are not in the direct path. Power outages after a hurricane or even a tropical storm are very common. You can minimize the inconvenience of not having power by talking with an electrician in Fort Lauderdale about a standby generator. Elcon Electric has a team ready to help you get ready for the upcoming storm season.

A standby generator is a permanent fixture on the outside of your home. The generator is encased inside a box similar to that of an electrical box. Typically, the generator will be installed in the backyard area or on the side of your home. It takes up very little space. The generator will be wired into your homes electrical service by an electrician. Fort Lauderdale residents will have the option to choose a generator powerful enough to supply the entire home with electricity or just enough to run a couple of lights and key appliances.

Part of the professional installation process includes safety measures that will protect those who work with the power lines to restore power after the grid has gone down. An electrician can also install an automatic transfer switch that switches power from the main power grid to the backup generator within seconds of the power going out. This ensures homeowners they will not have to go out in the inclement weather to fire up the generator. It is much safer and a lot more convenient than the portable generators that are very popular as well. If you are ready to take the first step in getting ready for the upcoming hurricane season, give Elcon Electric a call today.

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