Power Outage Advice from Electrician in Fort Lauderdale

Spring is notorious for producing some wild storms that can ultimately knock out the power. While it isn’t always so bad to be unplugged for a short time, it can happen at inopportune times or in some serious storms, the power outage can extend for long periods. If you are not prepared to deal with a power outage, things can be a little rough while you wait for the power company to restore the electricity. An electrician in Fort Lauderdale has a few tips for you to do today in order to make power outages a little more tolerable. You can always call Elcon Electric for more information.

*Take the time today to purchase at least 2 flashlights. It is best to have one flashlight for every member of your house so they can move around freely without trying to do it in the dark.

*Keep at least one set of backup batteries on hand for each of your flashlights. You would be surprised at how fast batteries can go dead when used steadily. Consider buying LED flashlights. They last much longer and are brighter than an average flashlight.

*Keep a supply of emergency candles on hand along with some matches or a lighter. Emergency candles are different than the scented candles or pillar candles you would use for decoration explains your electrician. Fort Lauderdale residents need to look for boxes that are labeled emergency candles. These burn brighter than an average candle. Don’t forget candle holders.

*Have emergency numbers on hand. You will also want the outage reporting number for the electric company. This will give you an idea of how long you can expect to be without power.

If a power outage is something you would rather not deal with, you can always opt to have a standby generator installed. To learn more about these, give Elcon Electric a call today.