Prepare for Power Outages with Electrician in Miami

Floridians know power outages are not all that uncommon when Mother Nature gets a little wild. Losing power isn’t usually a major problem, but it can be a bit of an inconvenience. Fortunately, power is restored rather quickly and inconvenience is temporary. But what about those times when it is a little longer than usual? An electrician in Miami has a few things you can do today to ease the burden of a power outage. You can call Elcon Electric to find out more tips and tricks for getting through a power outage.

Have a minimum of one flashlight on hand. However, several working flashlights are the best option. One flashlight for each member of the house is a good way to plan. Keep some spare batteries on hand as well. When you change out the batteries in your smoke detectors every 6 months, check your flashlights as well. Candles and matches are also nice, but make sure you have candleholders. The last thing you need is a fire started because a candle toppled over.

Most power companies will give you a magnet or some other card with the outage reporting number on it. Keep this somewhere you can quickly find it when the power goes out. On your refrigerator or taped to the electric panel are some common places. Call the power company’s hotline to get an idea about how long the power will be out.

If being without power for even a short period is not something you want to deal with, call your electrician. Miami residents can look into having a standby generator installed. This ensures you will always have the power you need. Standby generators vary in size and cost depending on what your electrical needs are. If you would like to hear more about standby generators, give Elcon Electric a call today.