Faulty Outlets a Serious Danger Explains an Electrician

elcon4_3-16It is easy to get complacent about things around the home when you see them everyday. If something doesn’t work, but doesn’t look bad or isn’t interfering with your life, you can ignore it. When it comes to something like an outlet that only works now and again or doesn’t work at all, it isn’t something you want to ignore. Ignoring a problem outlet could lead to disaster. If you have been putting it off, it is time to make the call to an electrician. The team at Elcon Electric can help you get that problem taken care of.

  • You need to be aware of some of the key signs an outlet is putting your home at risk.
  • Black streaks shooting up the wall
  • Only the top or bottom half of the outlet works
  • Outlet doesn’t work at all
  • You get a shock when you plug in an appliance
  • The breaker trips when the outlet is in use

If you have experienced or noticed any of these signs, it is time to call for electrical repair. That tripping breaker is protecting you from a fire. By resetting the breaker and continuing to use the outlet, you are increasing the risk of an electrical fire. The wires behind the outlet are likely arcing. One tiny spark is all it takes to ignite the insulation in the walls.

Don’t put off electrical repairs. Call an electrician in South Florida at the first sign of trouble. Don’t assume it is no big deal. Talk to your family and educate them about the above warning signs. Make sure they know to report any problems, big or small. Always let a trained professional decide if it is a big deal or nothing to worry about. Call Elcon Electric today and schedule an electrical inspection to handle any problems before they can become serious.