South Florida Electrician Provides Energy Savings Tips

elcon4_4-16Living in southern Florida in the summer is a dream for many people. The gorgeous weather, quick access to some of the best beaches in the world and the overall feeling of fun and excitement is a huge attraction. People who live in the area love the heat of a Florida summer. What they don’t always love is the heat and humidity all the time. It can be a bit overwhelming to always feel warm. Getting out of the heat and into the comfort of your cool home is a luxury many people are not going to sacrifice, even if it does cost a little extra to run the AC more often. If you need to find other ways to cut back on your electric bill so you can keep your home as cool as you like, a South Florida electrician has some tips for you. The team at Elcon Electric understands your desire to save money while staying comfortable and can offer more words of wisdom.

1-If you have a desktop computer, set it to sleep as soon as you leave for the day or will no longer be using it. There is no reason to wait 15 minutes if you are done.

2-Unplug your laptop charger along with any other chargers you are not going to be using. This can save a little electricity.

3-Turn off your lights, docking stations, televisions, the coffee pot and so on when you are not using it. Energy efficiency starts with making better choices and being conscientious of how much electricity you are using.

4-Consider investing in one or two energy-efficient appliances like a new refrigerator or hot water heater. These two things alone have the potential to run up your electric bill with normal use.

5-Use ceiling fans. Have one installed in every room to help you feel cooler and circulate the cool air your AC is putting out.

If you are ready to keep your electric bill at an affordable rate this summer, give Elcon Electric a call and let us help you be a little more energy efficient.