Energy Saving Bulbs Explained by Miami Electrician

You know you should probably do a little something to conserve energy, but it can be a little overwhelming. Going solar seems like the cool and trendy thing to do, but that is a huge step and commitment that many are not ready to take. Nor can everyone afford to invest in a solar power system that will provide all or the majority of their electricity needs. Solar power is a great goal to have, but you can do plenty of other smaller, more affordable things to save money and energy. One of those things is by choosing to use energy-saving bulbs. An electrician in Miami is here to explain what they are and why they are better. You can always count on the reliable team at Elcon Electric to provide you with accurate information.

Years ago, the new thing was something called CFLs. These spiral light bulbs were not immediately accepted. They do have some quirks that a person must get used to. One of the drawbacks many people complained about was the few seconds it took for a CFL to “warm up.” Nowadays, that isn’t such an issue. They turn on and within a second the light is nice and bright explains a Miami electrician. The other drawback was they did tend to cast a bit of a blue light. Again, that is not an issue anymore. There are bulbs labeled bright white or daylight and they are perfect for bathrooms or areas where you want bright, crisp white light.

The reason you want to change out the old bulbs to the new CFLs is the energy savings. The easiest way to explain it, is to go straight to the dollars. Imagine it takes one dollar to run an incandescent bulb for an hour. It would only take .30 cents to run a CFL for an hour explains an electrician. Miami residents will love the cost savings. Give Elcon Electric a call if you want to learn more.