Christmas Tree Lighting Safety by Electrician in Florida

Decorated trees in our living rooms is a tradition we love and enjoy with our families. Many people prefer to keep it real—literally, and will choose to cut or buy a fresh tree instead of using an artificial tree. There is a certain quality to a fresh tree that you simply can’t get with an artificial tree. If you are opting for a live tree, then you need to know how to safely decorate the tree and enjoy it this holiday season. A southern Florida electrician has some safety tips for you. You can count on Elcon Electric to answer any electrical questions you may have.

1. Make sure the tree has plenty of water on a daily basis. A dry tree is perfect tinder and will go up in flames in a seconds with even a small amount of heat.
2. Avoid putting the tree over a heating vent. The heat from the vent will dry the tree out faster than if it were a few feet away explains an electrician in Florida.
3. When possible, consider using LED lights on the tree. They are cooler to the touch and are not as high fire risk as other mini lights.
4. When using extension cords, avoid overloading the circuit the cord plugs into. Just because there are three outlets on a cord, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can add ten strands of lights that all pull from the same circuit.
5. Do not place a space heater anywhere near a live tree. The heater can cause the tree to ignite.
6. Never leave the lights on the tree when you are away from the house or when you are asleep. Use a timer if necessary to ensure the lights are not accidentally left on.

These tips can help you enjoy your tree without creating an unnecessary fire risk. If you have more questions, call an electrician. Florida residents can count on Elcon Electric to take care of any electrical needs.