Panel Upgrade – Residential Property, Boca Raton

Elcon Electric can help with the maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for all electrical panels. A customer of ours in Boca Raton required a panel upgrade a little while back. We sent out a team to perform the job quickly. Read more about the importance of panel maintenance and upgrades below.

The core of your electrical system is found in the electrical panel. Your home receives all the electricity it requires to power itself here. The power received here is distributed throughout the home to every outlet, light, and appliance.

As your home gets older, your electric panel does as well. Not only does it suffer from normal wear and tear, it might become overloaded by all the power your home begins to require.

Just like anything else in your home, your electrical panel must be properly maintained. In addition to regular maintenance, if you are adding appliances you need to check if your panel can handle the load. If not, you will need a panel upgrade.

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