Electrician West Palm Beach – Benefits of Whole Attic Fans

During long, hot and humid summers, it can take more than just your air conditioning system to completely and effectively cool and dehumidify your home or business. Although your central air system is a great place to begin, a properly installed attic fan can boost the efficiency of your existing systems, which can help keep your home cooler at a much lower energy cost.

What Is an Attic Fan?

An attic fan can be installed either over an existing attic vent or in a new space altogether. It is especially important that this type of fan be installed by a professional, such as an electrician in West Palm Beach to ensure that all of the wiring is safely and securely installed. You must also ensure that you are not causing too much ventilation, which can lead to even more dangerous problems.

Although it works by spinning a blade to move air, an attic fan helps to pull hot our from inside your attic and push it outdoors. Because attic temperatures can go well above 100 degrees on a hot day, it can be a great help to have a fan forcing some of this air out to make room for more cool air.

What Benefits Do Attic Fans Offer?

  • Lower Humidity – Humidity can be a real issue when it comes to keeping your home cool and comfortable. An attic fan can help to move some of the moist air out of your home, making it feel more comfortable, while reducing your chance of the mold, rot and decay that can occur if it becomes too moist.
  • Save money and energy – By improving the efficiency of your air conditioning system, an attic fan can help to save you on your monthly energy bills.

If you have any questions about attic fan, or ceiling fan installation, make sure to get in touch with our team of electricians at Elcon Electric today. We would be happy to help you stay as comfortable as possible all year long.

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