Appliance Timers by West Palm Beach Electrician

elcon3Technology has given us plenty of little extras that make life a little easier. It isn’t only about making things simpler. One thing you can use to help you save a little money on utilities is to invest in appliance timers. These handy devices can help save you time and money and are super easy and inexpensive to have installed by an electrician in West Palm Beach. In fact, there are plenty of timers you can install yourself fairly simply. If you have any questions about timers and what you need to install them, call the crew at Elcon Electric.

Check out some of the different timers you can use around your house to make life a little more manageable.

1-Timers that plug right into the outlet can be used to run your coffee pot. The coffee pot comes on at a designated time and shuts off when you are off to work. A similar timer can be used to turn off and on lamps around the house so you never have to come home to a dark home.

2-A motion sensing fixture can be installed in rooms that are not regularly used, like the bathroom or at the entrance of a hallway. The light will kick on the second you step through the door or enter the hallway. The light shuts off when no more motion is detected or after a set amount of time. These fixtures are best installed by an experienced electrician. West Palm Beach homeowners will want to make sure the placement is perfect to get maximum use.

3-Timers installed on sprinkler systems can be taken care of by an electrician or yourself, depending on what model you purchase. This will ensure your lawn is watered properly, without wasting water when you forget the sprinklers are on.

If you want to take advantage of appliance timers, but are not sure what it takes to install them, call a West Palm Beach electrician. Take the guesswork out of the installation. The team at Elcon Electric is ready to help you.