5 Electric Safety Tips You Need to Know by Electrician in West Palm Beach

Electricity is a wonderful thing and makes our lives so much easier than if we didn’t have it. However, despite how awesome it is to have electricity, it is important to respect the dangers electricity poses. Certain safety precautions should be taught to children as well. We can’t watch them every second of the day, but you can teach them how to be safe around electricity. An electrician in West Palm Beach has some tips for you to follow. You can always give the team at Elcon Electric a call to learn more.

1-Only use outdoor extension cords outside. Do not link more than one extension cord. If you can’t reach to where you need, talk with an electrician about installing an outdoor outlet for you to use.

2-Use outlet covers when kids live in the home or will visit. It is too tempting for them not to stick something in the outlets.

3-Always look up before putting a ladder up near your house.
Low-hanging powerlines can be dangerous. Teach the kids to be careful when flying kites and to only fly kites in clear, open spaces.

4-Keep pets from chewing on cords by running them along the wall. If a pet has chewed a cord, have the appliance or light repaired. Do not use a cord that has any wires exposed!

5-Do not overload an outlet with numerous appliances. If you need additional outlets to suit your needs, contact an electrician. West Palm Beach residents can request to have the outlets installed in areas like the kitchen or living room where you are more likely to have electric equipment.

Always be aware of your surroundings and heed all caution signs that accompany any electrical item. If you would like to learn more about electric safety or would like to schedule your appointment to have additional outlets installed, give Elcon Electric a call today.