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About Chandelier Installation

Attractive and modern lighting arrangements are commonplace in your neighborhood. But how many people have chandeliers?

Chandelier Installation Make a statement. chandeliers enhance any setting with distinctive charm and inviting light. A chandelier instantly makes an space appear that much more sophisticated.

But installing a chandelier isn’t like track lighting or recessed lights. For one thing, chandeliers change the orientation of light, coming from within the room, rather than from a wall. Also, chandeliers are a serious choice in interior decor. Let’s face it: nobody can ignore a chandelier.

Don’t make that mistake. Get the help of an experienced lighting and electrical professional. We can help you marry your choice of chandelier with an existing or future interior design theme to get the perfect fit.

We’ll also work with lighting architects to find the best position for your chandelier, including distance from walls and height to get the best lighting out of your chandelier.

There is no substitute for working with a contractor with experience and expertise with chandeliers. Especially when it comes to wiring and installing a new one. Rest assured, your chandelier isn’t the first we’ve installed in a home. Our record of successful installation makes us the perfect choice for finding and placing the perfect chandelier in your home.

Elcon Electric can provide an affordable way to upgrade the look and feel of your home and quickly transform the decor of your rooms.

Types of Chandelier

chandelier light fixtures

Chandelier Light Fixtures

dining room chandelier

Dining Room Chandelier

hanging light fixtures

Hanging Light Fixtures

large chandelier

Large Chandelier

crystal chandelier

Crystal Chandelier

chandelier lighting

Chandelier Lighting

living room chandelier

Living Room Chandelier

hanging lights

Hanging Lights

Chandelier Installation FAQs

How do I choose the correct chandelier?

How do I choose the correct chandelier?

To make a chandelier truly fit with your interior decoration, you need a carefully designed interior theme and a chandelier that compliments it, rather than clashing with the existing elements.

What that means for you is that the chandelier you find at your local lighting store, the one that you fall in love with, might not be the right choice for your space. Once installed, it could look like a totally different fixture.

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