What Is A Main Panel Upgrade

main panel upgrade The terms “main panel upgrade“, “electrical box”, and “electrical panel installation” can seem confusing but exactly what is a main panel upgrade? When your panel is upgraded, an electrician simply changes out your existing panel, the grey or metal box containing the circuit breakers that power your home. This is done for a couple reasons. One is to keep your home’s electrical system up to date to keep your family safe. Another is to add more power to your home, usually after adding a major appliance.

For example, more recently electric vehicles have been becoming a household commodity. Many families now own at least one. A new electric vehicle will require an EV charger. This new load on a home’s electrical system may require a panel upgrade to support the new charge.

How To Tell If You Need A Panel Upgrade

There are a few signs to look out for if you need a new panel upgrade. Check the list below to see if you need to schedule an electrician for an assessment.

Using Fuses
If your panel is full of fuses and not circuit breakers, you will need a new panel upgrade. Fuses are outdated and may pose a fire hazard. With today’s technology, it’s best to replace them.

Old Wiring
Older wiring indicates that your panel is probably older too. Lights may flicker or dim and you may feel a shock when touching an appliance. Replace both your panel and the wiring if this is the case.

Remodel or Renovation
During a remodel or a renovation of a home, you might add a larger load than the panel can handle. This is the best time to replace your panel. If adding a lot of appliances, you might even need to upgrade your panel to 200 amps.

Power Strips
If you find yourself using a ton of power strips or extension cords, it might be time to up the load in your electrical system. Doing so will also reduce the risk of a fire.

Tripping Breakers
If you notice you’re constantly tripping breakers in your panel, it could be telling you it’s time for an upgrade. Tripping breakers often indicate that too much power is being used.

How to Upgrade Panel to 200 Amps

It’s best to leave the upgrades to the professionals. Any licensed electrician can get your panel upgraded in no time. They will discuss with you your home’s electrical needs and recommend the best course of action.

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