How to Seal Electrical Outlets From Bugs

bugs in outlets Bugs do live in your electrical outlets, and it can be scary just to imagine. They are attracted to the warm, dark space and don’t mind leaving their fecal matter and other substances in there. Bugs like cockroaches love to feel their bodies touch inside your outlets. Meanwhile, other culprits like bed bugs are just bent on dominating your home.

The problem with bugs in your outlet isn’t just the horrifying sight or funny smell. It’s the fact that their activities can destroy your electrical components and even create electrical problems that endanger your life and property. So how do we keep these bugs out or deal with the situation? We have set the answers below.

Call pest control

If you suspect there are bugs in your outlets or you confirm their presence, there’s no telling how deep the infestation runs. You would want to call on pest control to help you thoroughly rid your home of all the bugs. You should let a professional handle this than to take it on yourself. Aside from wanting them gone, you also want their carcasses out.

Call an electrician

With the bugs gone, the next step is to evaluate your electrical wiring. The electrician will inform you of any damage done and proceed to repair or replace the parts. This helps you ensure your safety and readiness for the next step.

Seal off all entry points

Don’t think the current bed bug treatment will keep those bugs away. With time they will return, so sealing all electrical outlets is the best permanent solution. Since you are much smarter than bugs, you can take a critical look at your home and find all the cracks and entry points.

To seal these spaces off, you need expanding spray foam and caulk.

How to use expanding spray foam

Expanding spray foam is a sealant better suited for large spaces. As the name suggests, this spray foam expands, so it helps to do a test in a spot to know how it works first. Shut off all electrical power to the outlets and start small with the spray foam. Make sure you purchase a good product with a nice finish. Spray in small amounts for a start and as the foam expands you get a clear idea of how to go on. Don’t worry if you use too much in a spot, you can always come back and trim off with a razor. Let it dry undisturbed afterwards.

How to use caulk

A caulk gun is easy to use, and it’s a better solution for small spaces. Load your caulk into the caulk gun and start sealing. Sealing both the insides and outsides of your home is vital. If you mess it up, clean the caulk with some rags and continue.

Do a thorough sealing job and inspect everything after.

If bugs have wrecked havoc on your electrical system, give Elcon Electric a call to check it out. We would be happy to drop by and give you advice.