Save Your AC with a Ceiling Fan says Electrician in West Palm Beach

You already know how great a ceiling fan can be. It creates a nice breeze during the summer heat to help cool you off while you are relaxing inside. A ceiling fan also adds elegance and beauty to a room. If you choose a fan with lights, it takes care of that need as well. However, did you know that a ceiling fan can also save your air conditioning unit from being overworked and possibly burning out a fan or compressor? An electrician in West Palm Beach has some facts to help you make the decision to have a ceiling fan installed. You can count on Elcon Electric to provide a knowledgeable electrician to get the job done professionally and efficiently.

When you use a ceiling fan, you can comfortably set your thermostat up 4 degrees without sacrificing comfort. For example, if you like to keep your home around 76 in the summer, you could set your thermostat to 80. With the fan running, it would make your home feel as if it was still a cool 76 degrees. This keeps your AC from being overworked to achieve temperatures below 80. This is especially important when the outside temperatures are soaring. Many HVAC experts will tell you a 20 degree difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature is all you can really expect of your air conditioning unit. Pushing it further than that can cause it to break down much faster than it normally would.

You will want to choose the right fan for your room. It doesn’t hurt to have several fans in the house. Bedrooms are much more comfortable to sleep in when a fan whirs overhead and creates a nice cool breeze. Because of the electrical components involved, the fan will need to be installed by an electrician. West Palm Beach residents, call Elcon Electric today and schedule your ceiling fan installation.