Preparing for Thunderstorms with Miami Electrician

blog_electricianThe beautiful spring weather brings the thunderstorm season to southern Florida and it is important you are ready to deal with one of those violent storms that can pop up at anytime. In Florida alone, the National Weather Service reports that every summer at least 5 people experience lightning related injuries. In fact, Florida has been dubbed the lightning capital of the United States because of the number of thunderstorms that hit every year. A Miami electrician has some advice to help you stay safe this thunderstorm season. If you have any other questions, give Elcon Electric a call today.

*Get indoors whenever possible
*Get off the water and away from beaches
*When inside, unplug small appliances, computers and any data lines to keep lightning from traveling into the house and blowing up these appliances; consider having whole home surge protection installed by an electrician in Miami
*Close the curtains or blinds just in case a window shatters, the window coverings will block the flying glass
*If you are caught outside when a storm hits, stay in your car or find shelter somewhere that has a sturdy roof. Strong winds can topple flimsy shelters.
*Stay away from isolated trees
*Avoid elevated areas

Once you feel the storm has passed, wait at least 30 minutes from the last boom of thunder before you venture out. The storm is likely still in the area, even if it isn’t as loud and obvious as it was when you were in the center.

You can also do yourself a big favor by having a generator installed by an electrician. Miami homeowners who are not thrilled to ride out a long power outage caused by a thunderstorm can avoid the repercussions of a power outage with a generator. If you would like a whole home surge protection system or a standby generator installed, give Elcon Electric a call today.