Redbox Outlet Installation – South Florida Walmart

If you own a business or commercial property, it can be hard finding a good commercial electrician who knows how to handle your unique projects. There are many differences between a residential electrician and a commercial electrician. The work done for commercial properties is using at a larger scale than that done in residential homes. Consider these factors when it comes to your commercial electrical projects when choosing a new electrician:

  • Impact on Business: When electrical systems in commercial properties have issues, it becomes more than an inconvenience – it’s impacting your livelihood. Your business needs to stay up in running so you and your employees can keep doing your jobs. Completing a commercial job quickly and efficiently is top priority when it comes to commercial electrical.
  • Surge Protection: If your company relies on a large amount of equipment to run, such as computers or servers, surge protection should be installed to help reduce the damages of power outages.
  • Generators: In addition to surge protectors, a commercial generator is a good idea in case of power outages to keep you up and running. Commercial generators will allow your business to stay up and running even when the power is out all around you.

You can see the importance of having the right commercial electrician by your side. Be sure to do your research to find the one that best suits your needs as a business.

The Elcon Electric team was dispatched to a Walmart in South Florida to help with the installation of a Redbox. They wanted to install the Redbox but needed power brought to the area. Elcon Electric was able to install outlets so that the Redbox was able to run where the Walmart wanted it.

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