Nikola Tesla – A Great Influence on Electrician Miami

Many people have had great influence on the discovery and harnessing of electricity. One of the most influential is Nikola Tesla. Every time you plug something in, use an electric device, or call an electrician in Miami, remember that Mr. Tesla is one of the main reasons this occurs.

Tesla began working with telephone and electrical technology in his homeland of Serbia before emigrating to the United States. In 1884, when he came to the U.S, he first worked with Thomas Edison before meeting George Westinghouse. While working for Westinghouse, he developed alternating current (AC power) and the induction motor.

Telsa conducted many further experiments that influenced later inventors in the fields of telephone communication, radio communication x-rays and intercontinental wireless transmission. In addition to being a skilled inventor, Nikola was a showman, making him world famous for these inventions. Tesla has over 300 patents worldwide, and nearly as many that are left unaccounted for, that he was thought to be working on during his lifetime. We may never know how many inventions in which he helped create.

His legacy is enormous. It is hard to imagine a world without the inventions created by Tesla himself as well as those that are inspired by him. In fact, he was so influential that the General Conference on Weights and Measures working with the International System of Units decided to create the term “tesla” to be known as the unit measure for magnetic field strength.

Perhaps learning a bit more about Nikola Tesla and his influence on electronics will inspire you to start a new electric project. If you are looking at a new electric installation or repair, or even just have questions on what is possible, call Elcon Electric and let a talented electrician Miami work with you and help you with your next project.