Saving Cash on the Electric Bill by Miami Electrician

If you are feeling the hurt in your wallet after a lovely spending spree over the holidays, you are probably going to be looking for ways to cut costs. Even if you didn’t overspend, saving a little extra every month is always a great thing. One of the things you have direct influence over in your monthly budget is your electric bill. An electrician in Miami has a few tips to help you save. You can call Elcon Electric to learn more about energy savings.

The biggest use of electricity in your home is your heater and air conditioner. By lowering the thermostat a couple degrees in the winter and raising it a few degrees in the summer, you can make a significant impact on your electric bill. Wear a sweater and warm socks in the winter if you are chilly. In the summer, keep the curtains closed during the heat of the day to block the hot sun. Using a ceiling fan installed by a Miami electrician will also help.

The next big energy user is the hot water heater. Simply shortening your showers, washing clothes on cold or warm washes and only running the dishwasher when it is full can help. Check the temperature of your water heater as well. Lowering it ten degrees can help save a lot of electricity explains an electrician. Miami residents will rarely use the hot water at it full heat and will generally add a little cold to make the temperature right. There’s no need to heat the water to the point you can’t touch it. These two things alone can help save you money on your electric bill every month. Call Elcon Electric if you have questions or would like to have a ceiling fan installed before the summer months.