Light Bulbs Explained by Electrician in West Palm Beach

It can be confusing when you head towards the light bulb aisle with the intention of grabbing a few new bulbs and getting on your way. There are so many different styles and types sitting on store shelves today it can be extremely overwhelming. How do you know what to grab? Each touts various reasons why you should pick it and unless you really know what you are looking for, it is a bit intimidating. Your electrician in West Palm Beach will try and lessen the confusion by explaining the 3 main types of light bulbs you are likely to see. The professionals at Elcon Electric can provide further, more in depth information about the various bulbs.

CFL (Compact Florescent Bulbs)

This is the most energy efficient light bulb and is often the most desired. These bulbs are different because they use florescent gas to create ultraviolet light. These lights take a few seconds to become bright as the gas heats up according to the electrician West Palm Beach residents rely on.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are the runner-up to CFL lights. They are desirable due their extended life. Gas inside the bulb preserves the tungsten filament, making it last longer. These are not often used indoors and are typically found in outdoor light fixtures.

Incandescent Bulbs

These are the cheapest lights and have been around for decades. They are the least energy efficient and are being phased out. These work by using a tungsten filament to produce light. Although these are not very energy efficient, they are very inexpensive which makes people lean towards them when bulb shopping.

As the world shifts to a more energy efficient way of life, CFL bulbs are quickly becoming the popular choice among home and business owners. If you have an outdated light fixture that you are unsure if it will work with the CFL bulbs, give Elcon Electric a call.