Your Electrician Fort Lauderdale Explains Electrical Arcs

Whenever electricity flows between two electrodes, it creates an electrical arc. The result of this electrical connection is a bridge-like electrical arc. This type of arc can be seen without any special equipment, and is often harnessed for use with welding, lighting and other technologies.

Your lights, as an example, use electrical arcs to create the consistent light sources that we use to light up our homes and business. To accomplish this feat, an electrical arc is created and contained within a glass or plastic container. To further help facilitate the lighting that we are accustomed to, the air or gas within the container enhances the effect of the arc, diffusing the light into the room.

Welding is perhaps one of the most dramatic uses of the electrical arc. Whenever an electrical arc welder is turned on, it creates an arc between two metal rods and an electrical current. As these rods come into contact with other pieces of metal, they generate heat at a level high enough to melt the metals together.

In addition to these controlled forms of electrical arcing, there are also many dangers associated with the electrical arc. Whenever an electrical arc forms outside of a controlled setting, it can result in very damaging electrical fires or electrical shocks. This is sometimes seen whenever wires within your electrical system become damaged or decayed. If the exposed wiring comes into contact with another wire or a conductive surface, it can cause a short circuit, extreme heat and even fires.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to have an electrician in Fort Lauderdale such as our team at Elcon Electric perform a regular electrical safety assessment of your home electrical system. This is especially true if you live in an older home that may contain outdated electrical technologies. For more assistance with home electrical systems, contact us today.