Daylight Savings Tasks by Miami Electrician

It is hard to remember the little things that tend to be out of sight and out of mind around the house. People are always coming up with clever ways to remember things and folks have figured out daylight savings can actually serve as an excellent reminder says an electrician in Miami. Twice a year, we move the hands on the clock. You can’t forget. You are always going to be reminded, which is a good thing. Fire departments across the country have designated daylight savings as a time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. The team at Elcon Electric has a few other tasks to add to the daylight savings routine.

*Consider having hard-wired smoke detectors installed by a Miami electrician to give yourself a backup for your backup.

*Vent clean out. It is a great time to vacuum the vents for your heating and air. This is a quick job you can do on your own. The vents are easily removed and the nozzle of your vacuum can help remove dust, pet hair and any cobwebs.

*Change out the filters in your furnace. This can help improve efficiency of your heater, which will reduce your electric bill.

*Clean the filter at the bottom of your refrigerator and the coil in the back. This lessens the work for your refrigerator and can extend the life of the appliance while lowering your electric bill.

*Take a minute to inspect the vent from your dryer that leads outside. Remove any debris that may collect on the outside. Use the vacuum to clean the pipe from the inside.

These are small jobs that are easily ignored and forgotten about. If you would like to have new hard-wired smoke detectors or other electrical jobs take care of, call your electrician. Miami residents can count on the team at Elcon Electric to get the job done.