Common Miami Electrical Issues

miami electrical issues Miami is a beautiful city and a popular stop for tourists. When you are looking for things to do in Miami, you can never fall short with options like beaches, a booming nightlife, art galleries, and more. However, for the homeowner who has electrical problems to attend to all the fun might have to wait.

There are common electrical issues you can face as a homeowner and although you might consider a solid DIY for some of them it is never advisable. A professional electrician in Miami is capable and possesses the knowledge to handle any electrical problems that arise. Here are some of those common electric issues you might encounter in your Miami home.

Broken light switch

A broken light switch may seem simple enough to repair but in most cases, it is not so simple. A broken light switch can indicate problems with your wiring or even something more serious. As a homeowner who is inexperienced with electricity, you wouldn’t know this or be able to identify such problems either. Only an electrician can ensure your safety with such seemingly simple repair. There are different types of switches but this service can cost anything between $50 and $150.

Power outlets installation

Installing power outlets is certainly not recommended as a DIY project. Power outlets are connected to your home circuits in such a way that problems in the circuit can directly affect the outlet. Power outlets are also a common source of electrical fires, electrocution and so on. This sort of danger cannot be handled by a homeowner on a DIY mission. An electrician in Miami will install your outlets safely and check for any other hidden faults. The cost for professional outlets installation can be anywhere between $200 and $300.

Electrical panel issues

Your electrical panel is the most important electrical component in your home. Electrical issues with the panel can range from repairs to replacements, and upgrades. None of these is within the reach of any DIY project. A licensed electrician in Miami is who should call for any electrical issues with the panel. A repair can be carried out quickly but replacements and upgrades are different and demanding projects that require permits, time, and an experienced electrical technician. The costs for this will vary depending on materials needed, the specific electrical tasks at hand, and electrician hired.

Installing a new light fixture

Not all light installations begin and end with screwing in a light bulb. Light installations sometimes require working on the wiring, especially when you are adding a new fixture. There are a wide variety of light fixtures, so you would need an electrician with this experience. These installations are serious business and can cost you anywhere from $1000 to $2000 in Miami.

Elcon Electric Miami Electricians

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