Beat the Heat with a Pool Wired by an Electrician in Miami

One way to beat the heat this summer is with a glorious pool in the backyard. Whether you are planning on buying a pool and setting it up in the backyard yourself or having an in ground pool installed by professionals, you will need an electrician. Miami homeowners who are considering having a pool installed need to realize the installation process will need to include electrical hookups. The team at Elcon Electric is here to help you realize your dreams of having your own backyard pool.

There are several components to setting up a pool. You need electricity to run the pump, the filter and the heater if you choose to have one. Some people will also opt to have an automatic cover installed on their pool. All of these options are available for the above ground and in ground pools. As you know, water and electricity are not friends. It is absolutely crucial you have an electrician in Miami take care of all of the electrical work needed to keep your pool clean and clear.

City codes require a dedicated receptacle/outlet for your pool equipment. The receptacle will need to be placed a minimum of 6 feet from the pool, but no more than 20 feet on average. Codes may vary. Your electrician will need to go about burying the conduit that will lead to the receptacle. It is important all of this is done correctly in order to make your pool safe for your whole family. Electrocutions are not unheard of when pools are not correctly hooked up to electricity. If your home’s current electrical panel does not have enough room to dedicate a 120-volt breaker for pool usage, you may need a panel upgrade or a sub-panel installed. This is something your electrician can discuss with you. If you are ready to get your pool up and running, give Elcon Electric a call today.