What Appliances Are Using The Most Electricity In My Home?

open refrigerator wasting electricityWhat are Home Appliances?

Refrigerators, gas or electric cookers, vacuum cleaners, ironing machines, air conditioners, and blenders are examples of home appliances. What they all have in common is that they get things done in homes, and they use electricity.

Different appliances use up different amounts of electricity in your home, but it can be a little tricky trying to find out what amount of electricity each of these appliances uses. A lot of factors go into consideration when making this judgment and it’s important to understand that before declaring certain appliances in your home the most power-consuming.

Factors like how long an appliance has been in your home, what is the size and capacity, how often do you use it, and what is the model, all come together to provide the answer to your question.

Common Appliances that Use up the Most Electricity

  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner
  • Television
  • Lighting
  • Electric cooker
  • Water heater
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric Boiler
  • Water heater
  • Dryer
  • Electric oven

These are home appliances that are very likely to use the most electricity in your home, but in varying amounts.

How can you Track the Amount of Electricity used by Each Appliance?

There is an electricity usage tracker known as an Electricity Plug Monitor. They are external monitoring tools you can fuse into your home appliance to track the amount of electricity it uses.

The monitor tracks this electricity usage, records it and displays how much electrical energy a given appliance has used in a specific time. The beautiful thing about electricity monitors is that they read accurately, so, if an appliance uses up more or less electricity than usual, you can see it, and consult an electrician to find out what the problem could be.

This is one of the easiest way to track electricity usage as a homeowner.

How to Control Electricity Usage

Even when you have several appliances doing most of the work in the home, there are ways to reduce how much electricity is consumed. We’ve shared tips below.

  1. Turn off your appliances when you don’t need them and unplug them from the power source.
  2. Fix broken appliances as they can affect the amount of electricity consumed.
  3. Use low energy models of appliances, for instance, low energy light bulbs.
  4. Turn down the power level of some appliances such as the fan and air conditioner.
  5. Buy non-electrical counterparts of your electric appliances and use the electrical models only when it is necessary.
  6. Get an alternate power source. Solar energy is very efficient and cheaper to use. All that natural lighting saves you from paying loads of bills for electricity.
  7. Switch your airing options. Use the electrical fan more often than the air conditioner.

Need help with the electricity plug monitor or a solar panel? Call Elcon Electric to have these up and working in your home. If you also think there’s something consuming power more than it should in your home, you can call for a professional look.