Wallet Relief Tips by Electrician in Miami

With the holidays right around the corner, everybody is looking for ways to save a few extra dollars in an effort to put the money towards gifts or travel plans. One way you can do that is by learning a few new ways to reduce your electric bill. And although the savings may not be seen until after the holidays, it will be nice to have the cash in your pocket to pay off the bills you racked up during the shopping season. An electrician in Miami has a few tips to help you put a little extra spending money in your wallet. To learn more, call Elcon Electric and talk with the helpful staff.

*You probably already know you should be turning off appliances when not in use and turning off lights when you are not in a room. But, did you know that unplugging those appliances can save you even more money? This reduces the phantom power usage those appliances pull, even when they are not turned on.

*Another helpful tip your Miami electrician has for you is to switch out any incandescent light bulbs with the more energy efficient CFLs. This one act can save you as little as $20 a month and much more depending on the number of lights in your home.

*Invest in appliances with the Energy Star labels. The newer televisions, refrigerators and etc… are designed to be more energy efficient. These appliances will end up paying for themselves in no time with the amount of money you are saving on your electric bill.

*Make a conscience effort to reduce the amount of hot water you use. Take shorter showers, turn off the hot water when you are not using it and wash clothes in cold water.

These are simple things you can do to save a little money every month. Every little bit counts. Call Elcon Electric today to find out what else you can do to save money on your electric bill.