lightning and surge protection

Electrician Fort Lauderdale – Surge Protection for Your Entire Home?

A transient surge is caused by anything that results in a sudden spike in electrical power that comes surging through your electrical wiring. This can cause any device that is connected to your service panel to short circuit. The most common and most dramatic source of transient power surges is lightning. Lightning does not even […]

A West Palm Beach Electrician Recommendation: Play It Safe When It Comes To Mother Nature

Let me tell you why, as a West Palm Beach electrician, my favorite part of the job is putting in whole-house surge protectors. This is what I love about being an electrician. West Palm Beach FL has the biggest, wickedest electrical storms you’ll see anywhere. Every year people lose hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth […]

Whole House Surge Protectors – Can They Save Your Electronics?

We’ve all experienced it ‘ sharp spikes in the electricity called power surges. Most of us protect our computers from these surges, but did you ever think about your other electronics? Appliances today have electronic/computerized components that can easily be ‘fried’ by a power surge. You’ve either experienced it yourself or know someone else who, […]