Refrigerator Energy Savings Tips by Electrician in Ft Lauderdale

file0001359474869Your refrigerator may be costing you a lot more money that it needs to be on your monthly electric bill. You need a refrigerator, but you also need to be smart when it comes to your energy usage. Money does not grow on trees and electricity is one of those things we need, but we can manage our usage. You don’t have to pay more than necessary on your monthly electric bill and can put that money into your savings account or use it towards other bills. An electrician in Ft Lauderdale has some advice for you to make your refrigerator a little more energy efficient. The team at Elcon Electric can answer any other questions you may have about your refrigerator’s energy usage.

*When a refrigerator is empty, it will use more electricity trying to maintain your set temperature. Keeping your refrigerator somewhat full will help you to make your fridge more energy efficient.

*The coils behind your refrigerator should be dusted regularly. Refrigerators are often up against a wall and the back end is ignored. The coils collect dust and other grime which make it difficult for the appliance to operate. This is costing you money. Use a broom or a can of air to blow off the coil from time to time.

*Your refrigerator should not be near any heat sources. Ideally, you want it as far away from the stove as possible. The microwave, toaster and toaster oven should also be placed away from the refrigerator. If you need outlets installed so you can make this happen, call an electrician. Miami homeowners will appreciate the flexibility additional outlets provide in the kitchen.

These are just a few quick tips that you can start doing today to help extend the life of your refrigerator while saving a few dollars each month. Give Elcon Electric a call today to learn more.