Refrigerator Efficiency Explained by Miami Electrician

capYour hard earned cash is not something you want to part with easily on something you can’t actually see or touch. Paying bills is a part of life, but what if you didn’t have to pay out quite so much every month. What if you could cut down on that energy bill by just doing a few things different with your refrigerator? Yes, your refrigerator is one way to put a couple of extra dollars in your pocket every month. An electrician in Miami has some tips and best practices to help you save money by saving electricity. The team at Elcon Electric can tell you more.

Keep It Full

Believe it or not, when your fridge is empty, it uses more energy to cool. When you keep it semi-full, the food stays cooler and your refrigerator will not have to run as often to keep a big, empty box chilly.

Keep it Clean

Keeping the coils clean on the back of the refrigerator and that filter on the front bottom of the fridge will improve energy efficiency explains a Miami electrician. Dust and grime that tends to build up in these areas makes it harder for the refrigerator to do its job, which is going to cost you money.

Think Before Opening

Your parents probably told you a hundred times not to leave the fridge door open. They were right. Before you open the door, think about what you want from the refrigerator so you are not standing there for a minute or more. Always shut the door as soon as you have got what you need.

Check the Seals

The seals on the inside edge of the door are what helps trap in that cold air explains an electrician. Miami homeowners will need to make sure the seals are in good condition and sealing tightly. Wipe the seals down with a wet cloth from time to time to keep them free of debris that might interfere with the seal.

If you have any more questions about energy efficiency and how an electrician can help you, give Elcon Electric a call today.