Electrician Fort Lauderdale – What Is Electrical Conduit?

Electrical conduit is any type of channel, closed pipe or duct that is used to protect and route electrical wiring. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be found in round, square or oval. Depending on where they are installed, electrical conduit can be made of a single piece, or have removable lids and covers. The most common types of materials used for electrical conduit are aluminum, PVC plastic and mild steel. In your home, it can be buried underground, embedded into walls or attached to walls and ceiling joists.

Because it is as sensitive as it is to moisture, weathering and rodent damage, electrical wiring requires a system of conduits to help keep it safe. In addition to adding a layer of protection, electrical conduit also makes a home or building’s electrical system much neater, aiding in changes, installation and any other maintenance regarding the electrical system. The closed pipe protection and organization offered by conduit helps keep wiring from becoming wet, crushed, kinked, frayed, cut or eaten by pests and rodents.

The most common type of conduit used by your electrician in Fort Lauderdale is round conduit. In some cases, however, square ducting is used. Square ducting often has an opening on one side to make accessing the wiring within that much easier. When installing your wiring, an electrician will use a variety of fittings that make attaching the conduit to your walls and ceilings a quick and easy process. To improve security and maintenance, different types of joints, junction boxes, inspection boxes, light fittings and sockets are used as well. These different types of joints and fittings help electricians from Elcon Electric customize and work with unique situations so that all electrical systems are as safe and tidy as possible. To learn more about conduit, your homes electrical system, or just how to get in touch with us, visit us at www.elconelectric.com.