Refrigerator Power

Refrigerator Power

It is important to always have an ample supply of power going to your refrigerator or freezer. If your power goes out to these vital appliances, you will want to fix it fast. Here are two tips to help you solve this problem quickly:

  1. Check to see if the outlet your refrigerator is plugged into is a GFI outlet. Start by resetting the GFI to see if that will restore power. If this solves the problem, you’re done. In this case, however, you should talk with an electrician about replacing the GFI outlet with a normal receptacle very soon.

    Because GFIs are very sensitive, you should never have your refrigerator plugged into one. This could result in loss of power to your refrigerator while you are at work or on vacation. If your refrigerator is plugged into a GFO outlet, have it replaced with a standard receptacle immediately.

  2. If you find yourself unable to restore the power to the outlet that your refrigerator plugs into, call an electrician so that they can troubleshoot your problem. While you wait, use a heavy extension cord to plug your refrigerator into a nearby outlet so that you don’t lose any food.

These tips will help you keep your food cold and fresh until a professional can solve your electrical problem for you.


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