Safety and Training

Electrician Ft Laurderdale

Elcon Electric places the utmost importance on maintaining a safe work environment. In addition to extensive safety training, field employees receive weekly safety briefings to discuss in-depth safety issues with their foreman. All employees attend annual company-wide safety meetings.

Elcon’s Safety Committee was established in order to create a pro-active approach to education and training. The committee is comprised of our Vice President of Field Operations, Safety Directors, Project Manager, Human Resources Administrator, several Foremen and apprentice-level employees. The diversity on this committee achieves a broad perspective from varying levels and experiences within the company and addresses potential safety issues such as hurricane season, equipment safety, defensive driving, terrorism and workplace violence.

A Safety Incentive Plan has been established in an effort to prevent accidents before they happen. This plan consists of two parts – the first being a company-wide field employee incentive, the other an individual field employee incentive.