Mildew In The Bathroom? Install An Exhaust Fan

dark bathroomMildew is disgusting, especially when it is in the bathroom. It has a distinctive unpleasant smell that reeks of uncleanliness. It is usually found in damp areas, caused by moisture and leads to fungi infestation which may be dangerous to human health. One of the reasons you may have mildew in your bathroom is because you don’t have an exhaust fan or the one you have is not functioning properly.

In this article, you’ll learn why you should not let mildew fest in your bathroom, why you need to install an exhaust fan, how to care for your exhaust fan, and the process of installing an exhaust fan to prevent mildew and other grimes from growing in your bathroom.

Reasons Why You Have Mildew in the Bathroom

Malfunctioning or No Exhaust Fan

Your bathroom is susceptible to dampness and wetness because of the constant bathing or washing that occurs there. However, to prevent mildew, molds, and slime from forming, you must have an exhaust fan to help ventilate the bathroom; keeping it fresh and dry.

However, if you don’t have an exhaust fan or have a malfunctioning one, mildew will start forming in your bathroom.


How often do you wash your bathroom? Do you leave bath suds on the walls? Dirt can quicken the infestation of mildews in your home. The bathroom has to be constantly kept clean to avoid fungi infestation.

Why You Need An Exhaust Fan

To Remove Moisture and Dampness

Exhaust Fans are used to exhaust moisture and dampness from the rooms. Therefore, you need it in rooms where the air is warmer or humid due to constant running water and washing, which can cause quick growth of microorganisms.

To Eliminate Musty Smells

If your bathroom is musty and has an unpleasant smell, then you need to install an exhaust fan. This will help reduce the moistness in the air and unpleasant smell from the bathroom. It would help your bathroom smell fresher and cleaner.

How To Maintain An Exhaust Fan

If you already have an exhaust fan, you can care for it by:

Cleaning it regularly

You can remove the cover, and wash it to remove slimes or dust that may have gathered. Also, you can use a brush and a clean cloth to wipe the blades clean.

Routine checks

To ensure your exhaust fan keeps running properly, you should  occasionally call in an electrician to inspect it. We at Elcon Electric do routine checks for exhaust fans and other electrical needs.

How To Install An Exhaust Fan

Installation of an exhaust fan can be technical and requires climbing up the attic or roof to fix it. You should call on an expert to help you replace your old fan or install a new one to keep your bathroom free of mildew and molds.

Elcon Electric has seasoned and experienced electricians to help you install an exhaust fan. They would come to inspect the type suitable for your home, and suggest the right place to install it. You can call us now for more inquiries and questions.